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Circular Breathing/2016

Dir. Roi Bogot

In an unidentified, almost abstract space, overlooking what seems to be a vast and dull landscape- an exhausted young man, a blanket wrapped around him, receives a voice message from a crying young woman, telling him she is pregnant with his child. How did he get here? This is a film about a place. Aharoni lives a life of aimless wandering around the dessert, alone on his funny looking Vespa. Restlessly jumping from encounter to encounter, among fellow loners as himself, trying desperately to convince themselves that they do not need anyone. But although he is depressed, detached and incapable of love and connection; the power of loneliness, emotional-dependency, insecurity and mistake- overcome, and life is able to be created. Will this bring Aharoni's exhausting vagabond days to an end?

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